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Hoarding is a Disorder, Not a Choice

Hoarding is a disorder, not a choice.  The actual condition is known as Compulsive Hoarding Disorder and it affects millions today.  The staff at AAA Scene Cleaners is trained and prepared to help with hoarding cleaning service.   We are non-judgmental, respectful, and here to assist you with your hoarding cleanup needs.  We do not rally like the title of calling someone a "hoarder" therefore we consider our services "Extreme Cleaning".  We are Dallas & Fort Worth's Extreme Cleaning Team.

According to national studies, hoarding affects over 1.5 million people in America and these numbers are increasing.  Not all hoarding cases are severe; some range from having difficulty discarding items to anxiety and even depression.  The true definition of a compulsive hoarder is someone who has difficulty discarding items that most people consider have little or no true value.  As the condition becomes more severe, the items become clutter and this clutter leads to an unsafe or unhealthy environment for people to reside. When these conditions become unsafe, call the friendly staff at 817-223-0016 for help and support.

Hoarding is a serious mental disorder.  When left untreated, it can overtake and even control one’s life and health.  Often these individuals are viewed as lazy, but these opinions are wrong and far from the truth.  Due to the way their brain functions, they are unable to make decisions that most consider routine or easy.  The hoarder wants to live a normal and productive life, but their condition prevents it. 

Studies are showing that hoarding is possibly heredity. Up to 65% of people who suffer from compulsive hoarding disorder can be linked to another close relative who has the same disorder.  Those who inherit these behaviors can begin to show symptoms as early as the teen years. One can also begin to experience hoarding disorder symptoms post-brain injury.

          There are many treatments options available to help the compulsive hoarder.  Treatment typically falls under counselling, medication, and home support.  Many hoarders experience great results from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or CBT.  The professionals at AAA Scene Cleaners specialize in hoarding cleanup.  We are trained and certified to perform hoarding cleaning services and dealing with the emotional needs of our clients.  Our respectful and compassionate team will support you and your family throughout the entire hoarding cleanup process and encourage you to remain resilient throughout the intervention.   Our experiences have been once the process begins, we can make the transition easier than expected and relieve tension, anxiety, and stress. We do not want to rush you through this process. It can be a very difficult and time consuming process to convince a hoarder to allow someone into their home, especially if personal items are going to be disturbed. Our staff understands this and will wait as long as needed to commence the cleanup and remediation work.

         After you contact AAA Scene Cleaners, we will start the preliminary paperwork. If the home owner is not ready to begin the process, we will file the paperwork and wait for the appropriate time to move forward with the process. Please contact us at 817-223-0016 when you are ready to discuss our hoarding and gross filth cleanup services. We provide top quality Hoarding Cleanup Services to families and businesses throughout North Texas and across the the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. Please view our Service Area for a complete list of cities and counties we service.

        Specific services offered by our company include: Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup, Dallas Blood Cleanup, Dallas Decomposition & Unattended Death, Fort Worth Crime Scene Cleanup, Fort Worth Blood Cleanup, Forth Worth Decomposition & Unattended Death. These services and many more are provided to residents and businesses located in these cities and others throughout North Texas



Dallas & Fort Worth's choice for "Extreme Cleaning"

Levels of Hoarding

There are 5 levels of hoarding.  Read below to understand the differences then contact us for more information.  We are trained and certified to help.  You are not alone.


If you feel like you are experiencing a hoarding condition, call us at 817-223-0016 and see how we can help.  We welcome your calls and look forward to assist you.

Levels of Hoarding Disorder



Level One:

All doors and stairways of the home are accessible. Normal household pet activity with light evidence of rodents or pests. One to three pet accidents evident. Clutter is not excessive. Home has normal, healthy housekeeping and safe and healthy sanitation. No odors. 


Level Two:

One exit is blocked and/or one major appliance or heating/cooling/ventilation device has not worked for at least six months. Some pet odor, pet waste puddles, light pet dander, three or more incidents of feces in litter boxes. Clutter inhabits two or more rooms. Functions are unclear for living room and bedrooms. Slightly narrowing pathways throughout the home. Limited evidence of housekeeping, light unpleasant odors, overflowing garbage cans, light to medium mildew in kitchens and bathrooms, and moderately soiled food preparation surfaces.  Level two is still manageable with family or friends support, however the staff at AAA Scene Cleaners is willing to help in any advise or level of assistance needed to get you through the process.



Level Three:

Visible clutter outdoors, including items normally stored indoors, such as televisions and sofas. Two or more broken appliances, inappropriate/excessive use of electrical cords and light structural damage in one portion of the house has occurred in the past six months. Pets exceed local limits, excluding well-cared-for new kitten and puppy litters.  Audible rodent evidence, light flea infestation and a medium amount of spider webs. Indoor clutter leads to narrow hall and stair pathways, one bedroom or bathroom isn't fully usable and small amount of obviously hazardous substances or spills.  Excessive dust, dirty bed linens and no recent vacuuming or sweeping. Heavily soiled food preparation areas and full or odorous garbage cans. Dirty laundry exceeds three full hampers per bedroom. Strong unpleasant odors throughout the house.  Level three is typically where a professional crew is needed.  We can come into your home and develop a plan to quickly and affordably clean and organize your home and regain your life and family.  Contact   Warren and his staff to assist.


Level Four:

Structural damage older than six months, mold and mildew, inappropriate use of appliances, damage to two or more sections of wall board, faulty weather protection, hazardous electrical wiring and odor or evidence of sewer backup. Pets exceed local limits by four animals, more than three instances of aged animal waste, pet dander on all furniture, pet damage in home, excessive webs and spiders, bats and raccoons in attic and flea infestation. Bedroom is unusable, hazardous materials are stored in the home, and flammable, packed materials are in the living area or attached garage. Rotting food on counters, one to 15 cans of aged canned goods with buckled surfaces, no clean dishes or utensils in kitchen. No bed covers, lice on bedding.  Professional assistance is highly recommended.  Level four situations offers problems that is unhealthy and unsanitary, which can lead to major health and safety issues.  Please contact AAA Scene Cleaners as soon as possible to help you.


Level Five:

Obvious structural damage, broken walls, disconnected electrical service, no water service, no working sewer or septic system. Standing water indoors, fire hazards and hazardous materials exceed local ordinances. Pets are dangerous to occupant and guests. Rodents in sight, mosquito or other insect infestation and regional critters, such as squirrels, inside the home. Kitchen and bathroom unusable due to clutter. Occupant is living or sleeping outside the home. Human feces, rotting food and more than 15 aged canned goods with buckled surfaces inside the home.  Level five is definitely a situation that requires professional help.  Hazards associated with level five hoarding is extremely hazardous and can lead to long term health issues that can effect you and those you love.  Please dont ignore our offers, contact AAA Scene Cleaners and allow us to develop a plan




Offering to Assist

Warren & his staff are very respectful and non-judging to meet your every need.  We have helped hundreds of people over the past years to clean and organize their homes to provide a safe and health living condition.  Allow Warren to come and provide you a no obligation evaluation and develop a plan to help you regain your home and life.


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